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Are you looking for Strength of materials pdf by R.K.Bansal? Here you can get the same.Strength of materials written by R.K. Bansal is a perfect book for the study of materials which is useful for mechanical engineering students. This book is preferable for students aspiring for competitive examinations like GATE, UPSC etc.  all the important concepts of strengthening of materials is covered in a simple manner for better understanding of students.

The latest edition of strength of materials by RK.Bansal is revised and updated with new concepts and latest technology. The latest technology helps the students to update themselves from the updated technologies that are used in the present era. Questions from latest question papers are included in the book for reference purpose.

Strength of materials RK Bansal pdf free download


Strength of materials pdf contains 25 chapters and each chapter is explained in an elaborate manner. At the end of each chapter, highlights, theoretical questions, unsolved problems with answers are provided to the students to practise well for their examination. There is huge variety of questions that covers different type of questions important from examination point of view. There are 3 advanced topics included in the book, they are: stresses due to rotation in thin and thick cylinders, bending of curved bars and theories of failures of the materials.

The author has written the book in a simple and easy language for better understanding of the subject. The book can be prepared by self study as the book is written in easy to follow language. There are objective type questions and multiple choice questions which helps students to prepare themselves for competitive examinations.

Prof. R. K Bansal was born on Jan. 1, 1943. He was graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1966 and has joined in Delhi College of Engineering in1967 as lecturer and promoted to the post of professor in 1995. Prof. Bansal did his M. Tech Degree in 1975 with Honors from I.I.T. Delhi and Ph. D. from University of Delhi in 1981. He has guided many final year projects, 08 M.E. Thesis and 01 Ph.D. student. He got his First Ever, Distinguished Authors Award in 1999 by the Federation of Educational Publishers in India. After retirement Prof. Bansal is serving as an advisor and a Professor in the department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering in Northern India Engineering College. Bansal was awarded by Distinguish Author Award in World Book Fair by Afro Asian Book Council on 4th February 2010. He has also received Distinguish Faculty Award of Delhi College of Engineering on 6th February 2010.

Strength of Materials PDF

Author         : R. K Bansal
Publications : Laxmi Publications
Binding        : Paperback
Paperback   : 1160 pages
Language    : English


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