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Surveying and levelling by NN.Basak pdf is a complete guide book which covers different types of surveying and levelling techniques in an orderly manner. The main objective of surveying is to prepare a map showing positions of the objects on the surface of the earth. The phenomena of knowing the positions not only include natural features but also engineering works. Surveying can be used to prepare topographical, engineering, military, geological, archaeological maps.

The book begins with definition of surveying, goes with the object, uses, classification, principles of surveying, and the various accessories for measurements. The topics included in the book are explained in an effective manner for easy understanding of the students. There are about 14 chapters which are followed by model question and answers at the end. The chapters end with short question and answers that are useful for viva during the lab externals.

NN.Basak Surveying and Levelling PDF download free/ebook

There are many exercises and objective type of questions that help the students in competitive examinations. Principles used in surveying and levelling are defined in a systematic manner. The book is written in a simple and easy language to make it user friendly for the readers.

Surveying and levelling book by Basak has been updated and revised as per the latest developments and technology. There are many new chapters included in this edition to know more about the field procedures that are presented in a systematic manner. Latest types of surveying techniques are mentioned and explained with a good procedure. You may also like to see Indian polity by laxmikant pdf and heat and mass transfer pdf

Table of Contents of Surveying and Levelling by NN.Basak

Chain Surveying
Compass Traversing
Plane Table Surveying
Computation of Area
Computation of Volume
Theodolite Traversing
Tacheometric Surveying
Project Surveys
Hydrographic Survey
Setting Out


N.N. Basak, a Former Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Malda Polytechnic, West Bengal. He is a teacher in field surveying at the Malda Polytechnic. He has also written Irrigation Engineering and Environmental Engineering.
Basak has a diploma graduate and holds an AMIE. Before entering in the teaching profession, he worked with the West Bengal Irrigation Department, and later worked as the supervisor with the Central Water and Power Commission. During his stint with the Central Water and Power Commission, he has conducted several surveys for the Ganga-Brahmaputra Navigation cum Irrigation Project.


Author      : N.N. Basak
Publisher  : McGraw Hill Education
Binding     : Paperback
Pages       :549
Language: English

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