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Heat and mass transfer topic is a very important topic to understand the topic of energy exchange. This book discuses important concept of energy studies and mass transfer. There are some topics in the book which are useful for mechanical engineering students to prepare themselves for competitive exams.
The author has written this book in a simple and easy language for better understanding of the subject. Beginning from the basic level, each topic is crystal clear with some case studies and solved examples. There are some exercises in the book which will help students to understand and answer the concept.

Heat and Mass Transfer book Pdf by PK.Nag free download


P.K. Nag also explains physical phenomena and other occurrences that occur in energy exchange with good examples. Heat and Mass Transfer Pdf  is a perfect guide book for the students who wanted to learn about heat and mass transfer. There are also fill in the blanks and true or false type questions which will help the students to analyse how much they have understood the concepts.

The book on Heat and Mass Transfer provides a highly intuitive and practical understanding of the topics of physics and the underlying physical phenomena that are involved. The concepts have been elaborated with the help of adequate practical examples, case studies, solved problems and applications.

Features of Heat and Mass transfer book by PK.Nag

  • Language used by the author is easy to understand.
  • Practical examples, case studies, solved problems are included in the book.
  • Best book for mechanical students.
  • Each topic is clearly explained with good examples.
  • It is useful for both competitive and interview exams.
  • Book explains topics from basic level to expert level.


P.K. Nag, a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur is an academic writer who wrote many academic books for students appearing for competitive exams. His dedication towards writing for competitive exams is remarkable.
P. K Nag is an Indian academic author. He authored some books like Heat and Mass Transfer 3rd Edition, Power Plant Engineering, and Engineering Thermodynamics to help the students to expertise on the subject.


Author     : P.K. Nag
Binding    :  Paperback
Publisher : McGraw Hill Education
Pages      : 816
Language: English

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