Engineering Thermodynamics pdf by PK.Nag free download

Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag is the leading seller among the students who are appearing for competitive exams. A student appearing for GATE or PSU, this book is the best for them to get a good score. The accuracy and clarity maintained in the book made it to run successfully. It is all time recommended book for learning the concepts in Thermodynamics very clearly.

P.K. Nag Engineering Thermodynamics is the best book for building our basic knowledge and to understand the concept strongly. For beginners, this book is preferable to grasp the concept from the beginning. The language used in the book is simple and smooth so that the users can understand the topics easily.

P.K.Nag Thermodynamics book PDF/Ebook free download

Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag covers all the topics that are important from exam point of view. Every topic is explained from the scratch for the beginners to understand and master in the topic. Topics covered are:
  • Temperature
  • Work and Heat transfer
  • Laws of thermodynamics
  • Entropy
  • Thermodynamics equilibrium
  • Gas Power Cycles
  • Refrigeration Cycles
  • Gas Compression
  • Gas turbines
The theory concepts are well described and numerical concepts are more helpful in examination point of view. There are solved problems based on the previously asked questions so that the students can understand the standard of question paper. Solved examples help in understanding the way to approach to the solution.

Though it is a lengthy book, it is not easy to prepare over a night. But still, it is recommended as the concepts are so accurately described that once you read, it will be crystal clear.

  • This book has number of numerical problems that it covers all type of questions asked in the exam
  • Solved examples give a better way to approach to the solution.
  • Multiple choice questions are present to analyze the type of question that would be asked in the exam pattern.
  • Beginners can grasp the topic easily as it is explained from the scratch.
  • Book is explained in a simple language for easy way to understand the topic.
  • At the end of every topic, there is a summary block where all types of formulas, laws are briefly explained.

PK.Nag Thermodynamics PDF Download


P.K. Nag, a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur is an academic writer who wrote many academic books for students appearing for competitive exams. His dedication towards writing for competitive exams is appreciable.

  • Author                : P.K. Nag
  • Publisher            : McGraw Hill Education
  • Publishing year  : 2013
  • Language           : English


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